• Systems Architect • UI/UX Designer • Full Spectrum Developer • PHP Pioneer • Tenacious Finisher
Career Summary of Joseph A. Perrin:

This discussion cannot go forward without and understanding of some of my experiences. My roots were in the Super-Mini/Mainframe world. I had been a consultant while still in high school and did work for a pathologist as a contractor doing work for a division of Gulf & Western. (Yes, the Paramount folks.) From this beginning, I started my general business consulting and development work, which associated me with those in hardware sales. I became an integral part of many sales solutions.

I moved into the larger systems and further developed a hospital laboratory information system called PROLAB®, which was installed in four very busy New York city hospitals. PROLAB also paved the way to the United States Air Force hospitals and further consulting. Soon, the PRORAD® product was engineered for the radiology department. From there a Nursing care solution. These solutions ran for over ten years and were eventually replaced with smaller systems.

I started an ISP company which gave a very rich and high level experience in all things UNIX, Cisco, infrastructure and problem solving. In addition to this was Web design and tools to create them.

In the mid 2000s I created an iPhone app which mapped fueling stations that offered alternative fuels.