This website has been created in contemporary HTML5 using CSS3. Javascript and jQuery control triggering of actions and environment differences. Also, the ifvisible Javascript program to detect inactivity. The page is built with a CMS of my design written in PHP. The current database in this is Sqlite3, appropriate for the scope of the project and speed, but MySQL is a configuration choice.

My CMS called "vc" is PHP based, and uses a graphic CSS3 editor. The name "vc" came from early websites written circa 2002, in which customers wanted "Variable Content" from simple text files they wanted to upload. At first text was simply FTP'd and Vc would incorporate the content. As the product grew, the richness of a modern CMS came forth.

(How could he possibly be holding an iPad in 1970?)

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  • A Thank You to Serkan Yerşen for his ifvisible Javascript library.